Gymboree is an educational school which focuses on early childhood education. The first Gymboree early childhood center was established in California in 1976, and has since spread to 37 countries and regions. Today there are nearly more than 700 early childhood centers. In China, early education in China has immensely developed, and Gymboree has more than 200 early childhood centers in China alone.

Gymboree focuses on child development, independent thinking and creative learning. By singing songs, playing with other children, learning arts and crafts, dancing, music lessons and much more, Gymboree has become an extremely popular place for parents to take their children to learn, develop and become more social.

Living in a big city such as Tianjin, this social aspect can become difficult as it is not easy to find others to set-up play-dates or arrange a time where you child can be let free to express themselves in a safe and secure environment. Gymboree have many centers throughout Tianjin some of which are better and bigger than others, and I’d highly recommend looking around at different centers first, and speaking with the actual teachers of class in person.

All teachers teach in English (songs, instructions) etc.. If you’re looking for a place to take your child to enhance their learning ability and to have more social interaction with other children, then Gymboree could be a good choice for you.

Where is Gymboree?

There are currently seven Gymboree centres in Tianjin. The addresses and telephone numbers are below.

  • Phone: 022-59905661

    Address: 恒隆广场 - 兴安路166号

    Riverside 66, 166 Xing’an Road, Heping District

  • Phone: 022-23198668

    Address: 和平区解放北路188号海信广场6楼A区(近大光明桥)
    Zone A, 6th floor, Hisense Mall, 188 Jie Fang Bei Lu, Heping District

  • 金宝贝早教中心(上谷分部) – Jīnbǎobèi Zǎojiào Zhōngxīn (Shànggǔ Fēnbù)

    Phone: 022-23417700

    Address: 南开区天塔道58号上谷商业区(近天塔)
    Shang Gu, NO.58 Tian Ta Dao, Nan Kai District (near TV tower)

  • Phone: 022-23417700

    Address: 南开区宾水西道奥城商业广场A3-2楼 – 2nd floor, A3 zone, Ao Cheng Plaza, Bing Shui Xi Dao, Nan Kai District

  • I honestly don’t know whether it’s in Galaxy or the neighboring children’s mall, but I’ll post an update as soon as I can.

    Address: 银河广场-河西区乐园道9号(乐园到与广东路)
    Yínhé Guǎngchǎng – Héxī Qū Lèyuán Dào 9 hào (Lèyuán Dào yǔ Guǎngdōng Lù)
    Galaxy Mall – Leyuan Road, Hexi District (Leyuan Road and Guangdong Road)

  • Phone: 022-88389559

    Address: 河西区友谊南路新海湾商业广场凤水园3楼(珠江道口) – 3rd floor, Feng Shui Yuan, Xin Hai Wan Plaza, You Yi Nan Lu, He Xi District ( by Zhu Jiang Dao )

  • Phone: 022-66367699

    Address: 滨海新区塘沽中心北路阳光金地写字楼2楼 – 2nd floor, Yang Guang Jin Di, Tang Gu Zhong Xin Bei Lu, Bin Hai

Classes Provided:

✎ Dance

✎ Music

✎ Art

✎ Early Development

✎ Social Interaction


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