Hopeland International Kindergarten 华兰国际幼儿园


Hopeland is a bilingual boarding and day student kindergarten. Some parents choose it because of its extended hours and bussing service. There is one location in Nankai by Garden Villa, and a second location in Meijiang, and a third opening in May 2015.

Chinese Name: 华兰国际幼儿园

Age: 1-6 years of age

Here’s some information from some of the parents whose children have attended there:

  • School hours 8-4.45pm, includes 2+ hour nap after lunch.
  • All meals prepared and served on site. Menu published at the beginning of the week.
  • There is a small outdoor wading pool, aka ‘swimming pool,’ that the kids use for a few months in the summer during.
  • There is bus service going all over Tianjin
  • Separate international (only English) and bilingual curricula/classrooms.
  • Parents are prohibited from entering classrooms when school is in session. But each classroom has 1 CC camera, and school will help you install the software required to view the live feed. Video quality is decent, but no sound on the feed. If kids are out of range of the camera (playground, napping etc.), obviously you cannot see them.
  • They have a bunch of extracurricular activities including ballet, piano, rollerblading, Chinese folk dancing, recitation, painting etc. that are offered after school/weekends, for an extra fee.
  • There is a limited number of expat  children at the school.

  • Websitehttp://hik.cn/

    Telephone: 022-23923803

  • 1-1411191K321b2

    Address: 46 Xiaguang Street, Nankai, Tianjin – 天津市南开区霞光路46号

    Helpful Directions: It’s pink so you can see it easily, and it lies on the intersection of Xiaguang Lu and Weijin Nan Lu -霞光路,卫津南路的交叉口.

  • hayi

    Address: 华兰国际幼稚园 – 梅江湾翠波道5号 – Huálán Guójì Yòuzhìyuán – Méijiāng Wān Cuìbō Dào 5 hào – 5 Cuibo Road, Meijiang Bay

    Helpful Directions: Tell the driver you want to go to FuLiJinMenHu – 富力津门湖. Most taxi drivers will take you to the northern part of the road CuiBoDao 翠波道 as they turn in from Zhu Jiang Dao 珠江道. As the driver heads south on this Cui Bo road, you will see a bus depot on your left, about 20 to 50 meters south of the depot, you will see Hopeland International Kindergarten on your left, just past the Korean fruit shop.

  • Address: 梅江环岛东路7号 – Méijiāng Huándǎo Dōng Lù 7 hào – 7 Huandao East Road, Meijiang


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