Drei Kronen 1308

Tianjin Drei Kronen 1308 is one of the best places in Tianjin to get some tasty and traditional German food. Tianjin DK 1308 Brauhaus is located next to the HaiHe river, which flows through the city of Tianjin. 1308 is located in an area called “Jinwan Plaza” which is newly developed area in, and had quite


MOMO Café is located at the YangGuang 100, so it must a good idea to spend one afternoon there, surfing the internet, reading books or chatting with several friends. This café ‘s decoration is very cozy and the owner presented a lot of old but fashionable stuff in this small café, like a typewriter and

Xi Bei Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its healthy menu choices.  My kids especially enjoy the roasted sunflower seeds that they bring out as an appetizer. In the rooms upstairs there is a large table with a lazy susan, and then some hooks on the wall for any bags or jackets, as well as a bench or

Blue Frog Bar and Grill 蓝蛙

For those of you who have been going to Beijing 北京 to enjoy Western dishes at the Blue Frog restaurant蓝蛙, go no more (Beijing 北京 that is...). You can now go to their new location here in Tianjin 天津. What a blessing!! Blue Frog 蓝蛙 has a restaurant front in the 66 Riverside Mall 恒隆广场. Where is

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Starbucks Tianjin Locations

Starbucks in Tianjin If you are a Tianjin coffee buff expat and are especially fond of Starbucks, now you can…

Outside Dining

Pattaya Thai Cuisine

In the Italian Concession (Italian Style Town) there is a Thai restaurant called Pattaya Thai Cuisine. The Thai food is authentic and delicious. The owner is from Thailand as well as some of the staff. They were dressed in colorful Thai style clothing. They suggested a signature dish that has crab in it (top left), which
Fine Dining

Flo Brassiere

Flo is a traditional French-style restaurant. Whereas many new and old restaurants tend to change their food style and taste…



Many foreigners, especially foreigners with children, find they eat at McDonald’s more often in China than they ever did back home. Unlike many foreign brands, it’s even cheaper in China than it is back home, especially if you go at mealtimes. Mealtimes (11-2 and 5-7) have the special deals on meals, from 15-18 RMB for