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Tianjin Drei Kronen 1308 is one of the best places in Tianjin to get some tasty and traditional German food.

Tianjin DK 1308 Brauhaus is located next to the HaiHe river, which flows through the city of Tianjin. 1308 is located in an area called “Jinwan Plaza” which is newly developed area in, and had quite the attraction for many foreigners and people visiting and living in Tianjin.

1308 prides themselves are being the only Brauhaus in Tianjin, which provide traditional Bavarian food and premium House-brewed beer (some pictures below). 1308 not only have a great style indoors for dining, but also a riverside beer garden, which faces the train station, and during the afternoon and evening, it’s a great place to come and sit down and relax. 1308 is also a very good choice for gatherings and parties due to its large and comfortable seating arrangements. A lot of events and festivals are held at 1308 at certain times of the year.

Prices: A beef burger will cost you around 48 RMB,  aGrilled Port Knuckle will be around 108 RMB. Drinks are a little expensive, especially the beers and the soft drinks. The drinks are too expensive for my liking, and even the apple or orange juice which is from a carton will cost you around 40 RMB, and I think the restaurant need to completely reconsider their prices. As far as the food goes, it really is exceptionally good, and the beef burger was just a full solid meaty burger, so food wise me or those I was with had no complaints. If you’re looking for a few drinks, try and aim for happy hour, which is usually between 6-9pm. As even after two beers, your wallet starts to feel a lot lighter.

Directions: If you go to Tianjin’s north train station (The one which has the big mechanical clock outside) crossover the metal bridge. At the end of the bridge, stay left, and crossover the road. Keep left, and walk on further down, following the river side. From the bridge to 1308 it take approximately 5-10 minutes walking, depending on your speed. You should soon, start to see many bar / restaurants, most of which have outdoor seating areas, once you see this, you’re in the right area. Keep walking down, and its about the 4 or 5th building on your right. (You can’t miss it).

Address: Tianjin, Heping District, Jiefang Bei Lu, Jin Wan Plaza Building 5, 1st Floor 天津市和平区解放北路 津湾广场 5号楼 1层

Phone: 022-2321-9199

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