I am sure I do not need to make any comments for this renowned ice-cream store for its out-of-world taste and careful service. Even in this freezing cold winter, nothing could beat enthusiasms of having ice-creams, why not spend one afternoon  in Häagen-Dazs with someone you love ?

Here is the information of all the Häagen-Dazs stores in Tianjin:

HePing District

Nanjing lu Road Store

  • Address:L1-01 Jinhui Square, No.189 Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市和平区南京路189号津汇广场L1-01哈根达斯


Haixin Store

  • Address:Unit 201-247 second floor Xinda Square, No. 188 Jiefang Road,
  • Address in Chinese:天津市和平区解放路188号信达广场裙楼二层中庭 201-247 单元
  • Phone:022-23198189

Hexi Distrcit

Yinhe store

  • Address:L1-046-1 first floor Yinhe International shopping center, No.9 Leyuan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市河西区乐园道9号天津银河国际购物中心一层L1-046-1
  • Phone: 022-83887286


Xinye Square Store

  • Address:A121 first floor, Xinye Square, No.125 Heixiucheng Dao, Hexi district, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市河西区黑牛城道125号新业广场一层A121铺
  • Phone:022-88312118

Nankai District

Joy City Store

  • Address:1F-20 Joy City shopping center, No.2 Nan men wai da jie, Nankai District, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市南开区南门外大街2号大悦城购物中心1F-20
  • Phone: 022-58100308

Hebei District

Xinyi jie Store

  • Address:No.56 Italian street, Hebei Distrct, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市河北区自由道意式风情区56号(胜利路与自由道交口)

Xiqing Distrct

Meijiang Yongwang Store

  • Address:No.164 first floor A block of Yongwang Mengle City, No.111 Youyi nan Road, Xiqing Developing District, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese::天津市西青经济开发区友谊南路111号A区永旺梦乐城地上一层 No.164

Wuqing District

Wuqing Store

  • Address:Bar-N3 first floor OUTLETS, Florence, Wuqing Distrct, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市武清区前进道北侧佛罗伦萨小镇京津奥特莱斯购物中心一层Bar-N3
  • Phone:022-59698246

Binhai Distrct

Binhai Store

  • Address:T109 first floor, Isetan Shopping Center, No.62 Di er da jie, Economic Distrct, Tianjin
  • Address in Chinese:天津市经济开发区第二大街62号伊势丹百货一楼T109号铺
  • Phone:022-65541031

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