L-lounge bar


I found this bar by accidently when I took pictures for this website and this bar is sited at a garden yard, near Tianjin University, I have come to this bar twice, one in the summer time, the other in this winter. During the summer, the garden yard looked really pretty with green trees and energetic plants in the yard. Inside the bar, you could enjoy this nice view through the glass wall and you are also allowed to sit in the yard with these lovely plants around you.It is said that this bar is a café during daytimes and turned into a bar in the evening with singers singing at night, though I only came to this café during the daytimes.

As for food, I was surprised by this bar because most bars are not good at its food, instead of their drinks and environment, except l-lounge. I have tried the pizza, snacks with fried chicken wings and chips and durian cheese cake here. I felt satisfied with all the food I tried here and really love the durian cheese cake, which is the most special but delicious cake I have ever ate. As for drinks here, I only tried coffee here, Americano, latte , ice-americano…I might be a bit nitpick about coffee, the coffee is a bit average than professional coffee stores, but it is said that the cocktails are worth drinking if you would love to this is sort of bar..

  • Jiayi apartment, Nan fu fang Street, Diantai Dao, An shan dao, Heping district,

    鞍山道沿线 电台道南浮房大街佳怡公寓底商

  • 4006090706
  • 58 rmb/ person

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