Many foreigners, especially foreigners with children, find they eat at McDonald’s more often in China than they ever did back home. Unlike many foreign brands, it’s even cheaper in China than it is back home, especially if you go at mealtimes. Mealtimes (11-2 and 5-7) have the special deals on meals, from 15-18 RMB for the burger, fries and drink. Below we’ve listed the most useful phrases for ordering at McDonald’s (if you have small children, you might want to commit this to memory!).

McDonald’s Delivery

If you cannot take yourself toMcDonald’s, McDonald’s will come to you for a delivery fee of 8 RMB and a small possibility of slightly cooled fries.

English Ordering Hotline: 400-851-7517

Order Online:

If you’re like the author of this post and prefer to avoid phone conversations whenever possible, you can also order online here at the McDonald’s China Online Ordering website.

Just choose English and make an account if you don’t already have one. Then you will only ever have to enter your address once (this is where having a copy/pasteable Chinese version of your home address comes in handy.

Useful Phrases:

Photo Menu (asking for this, if they don’t automatically produce when they see your foreign face, is very helpful – you can just say the first part for photo and get by): 照片菜单 – Zhàopiàn càidān

McDonald’s (say you need a taxi driver to find one): 麦当劳 – Màidāngláo

Meal: 套餐 – tàocān

Children’s Meal: 儿童套餐 – Értóng tàocān

Large-Size : 大号 – dà hào

Eat In: 在这儿吃 – zài zhèr chī

Take Out: 带走 – dài zǒu

Ketchup: 番茄酱 – Fānqié jiàng

Coke: 可乐 – Kělè

Sprite: 雪碧 – Xuěbì

Cheeseburger: 芝士汉堡 – zhīshì hànbǎo

French Fries: 薯条 – Shǔ tiáo

Hamburger: 汉堡堡 – Hànbǎobǎo

Chicken Nuggets: 鸡块 – Jī kuài (sounds like Ji Kuar in Tianjin)

Simple Cone Ice Cream: 圆筒冰淇淋 – Yuán tǒng bīngqílín

Vanilla: 香草 – Xiāngcǎo

Chocolate (many McD’s don’t have this flavor): 巧克力 – Qiǎokèlì

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl: 双旋 – Shuāng xuán

Did you drop this chicken nugget on the floor? 你砸在地板上这个鸡块?


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