MOMO Café is located at the YangGuang 100, so it must a good idea to spend one afternoon there, surfing the internet, reading books or chatting with several friends.

This café ‘s decoration is very cozy and the owner presented a lot of old but fashionable stuff in this small café, like a typewriter and car models .

The coffee and waffle there also tastes good, especially the shaved juice, my friend likes most. If you only want to find a place close your home to have a laid-back afternoon, I guess MOMO café must be your first choice for its easy environment, good food and reasonable price.

Door 7 Building 3 of Yangguang 100 eastern parts, Nankai District, Tianjin

南开区 红旗南路阳光100国际新城东园3号楼7门(近华苑南)

Contact info: 022-23952196

Average price: 26 rmb/ person


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