Pattaya Thai Cuisine


In the Italian Concession (Italian Style Town) there is a Thai restaurant called Pattaya Thai Cuisine. The Thai food is authentic and delicious. The owner is from Thailand as well as some of the staff. They were dressed in colorful Thai style clothing.

They suggested a signature dish that has crab in it (top left), which after looking at the menu looked scrumptious so we ordered it. We also ordered several pad-thai dishes as they were my dad and my favorite Thai noodle dish. We were going to order a different noodle dish as well but the staff told us it would take a while to prepare that dish so we went with their recommendation. We also tried a meat dish which were prepared with onions, peppers, and greens. You had a choice between beef, pork, or chicken, and we chose pork.




I ordered a coconut cooler (basically coconut juice) which was pretty good. I think it was real coconut, but they might have added some extra ingredients to make it tasty.


Dish prices varied greatly depending on what you order. The specialty dishes were in the 200 RMB range but you can find plenty of main dishes at the 30+ RMB as well as some normal favorites like Pineapple fried rice or noodle dishes.

Overall, it was a great meal and we throughly enjoyed it.


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