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Looking for great food along with a great selection of drinks, and friendly, smiling waiters? Then look no further than Pizza Bianca.

Now I have to admit, I have been to Pizza Bianca a couple of times, and for anyone that has ever been, it doesn’t take long to find out why people keep going back. Pizza Bianca provides excellent service and with most staff speaking some level of English, it makes ordering or asking for service just that much easier, especially for those of us who are challenged with the Chinese language. Currently there are two Pizza Biancas in Tianjin.

We recommend Pizza Bianca to everyone.


Pizza Bianca Location One: Next to Sitong Night Club

和平区成都道126号盛捷奥林匹克大厦107-108室(近人民体育馆) Tel:022-23512887

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Pizza Bianca Location Two: 4th Floor Galaxy Mall

河西区乐园道9号银河国际购物中心4楼L4-047号铺(近乐天2店) Tel:022-83889069

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Both restaurants are excellent and provide what can only be described as mouth watering food. From home made pizza, spaghetti’s, soup, garlic bread, and don’t forget the desserts, Pizza Bianca can really become an expats best food friend.

As I mentioned earlier the staff are great, but what makes the staff so great? Well…, I got the chance to sit down and talk with one of the managers at Pizza Bianca, Wu Feng Feng, also known as Yuna.

Now if you have ever been or plan to go to Pizza Bianca, Yuna is someone you will definitely notice from the get-go, as Yuna will be the running around making sure everyone in the restaurant is looked after, and has a beautiful smile to go with.

Yuna really keeps the team together, and isn’t afraid to get stuck in to help her staff either. Looking after the customers, keeping the team together, and making sure quality of food is given at all times, Yuna really does keep busy. It was a pleasure speaking with Yuna, and getting to know a little more about her role in Pizza Bianca.


The average Price per person is around 80 rmb.

Spaghetti, Fresh Whole Lemonade and Dessert

Pizza Bianca provide and nice and relaxing environment, to wine and dine with family or friends. They do provide baby high chairs for those with smaller children. During lunch and dinner hours both restaurants can become very busy, and you may need to wait for a table to become available.

Lunch sitting starts at 11:30


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