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Looking for a delicious waffle with ice cream, fruit, and the rest? Then Somedays is a good place to go.

Somedays is a lovely café situated in Galaxy Mall, with a great story behind it.

It all start when a couple found themselves meeting each other in France, in a little café called “Sauté”. After many years, the couple then decided to return to China and start their own.

More about their romantic story can be found in Somedays, places around the café.

We sat down, and was handed a menu, which looked more like a notice clipboard with some paper on it. At first I did wonder was it was, maybe she used it to take our order, until I looked a little more closely and saw all the food and drinks listed in Chinese. Browsing through the menu (most in Chinese) head to the back, you will find English there.

Somedays also offer a set meal, a pot of tea for one and a waffle with ice cream etc… or a pot of tea for two and a waffle, each day they have a different set meal special.

We ordered three waffles with Ice cream (there were five of us) and a pot of tea all round. For about 5 minutes there was just silence, with many mouths full of waffle and ice cream, it was really that good!

Directions: Somedays is located in Galaxy Mall. Go down to B1, this floor has many other food shops. Head toward the bakery “Tour Les Jours”. Walk through the doors, which are located right of the bakery, walk down the corridor, (past the supermarket). As you come to the corner of the supermarket, turn left and follow the steps.

This will take you to a hidden part of Galaxy Mall. The reason why I say hidden is most store down there way, aren’t officially open as of yet. Keep walking down and after a few more stairs, it is located on your left side. (Can’t miss it).This will also take you to the subway entrance (once finished and open).

Prices: One waffle with ice cream will cost you around 48 RMB. A set meal, a pot of tea and a waffle with ice cream will cost you around 50 RMB (remember this can change daily).

The environment is very relaxing and a great place to relax and enjoy the day with your family. Comfy seating and western style setting really makes this place look beautiful, and it brings back memories from home.



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