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TJ MEX is a Mexican style food restaurant right here in Tianjin. Now I know what you’re already thinking “Finally some Mexican food”! Well if this is what you’re thinking then this article won’t disappoint.

TJ Mex is located in two places:

  • Ao Cheng (Near the Water Park and Olympic Stadium)
  • Joy City Shopping Mall (Not far from the Drum Tower)

TJ Mex really serves up some great food, and the menu just screams the word “Delicious”!
My own experience there have been fantastic with the staff doing their best to help, and the food arriving hot and tasty. With the restaurant being popular, waiting time for your food can vary from anything between 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

If you’re looking for a tasty Mexican tonight, and fancy a change from your local Tianjin Chinese, then pop into TJ MEX!

The TJ Mex Restaurant in Ao Cheng is a little small and can be crowded on a good day. However it does have a seating area outside, where you can enjoy your dinner in the summer or the cooler season Autumn.
  • Ao Cheng: 4-1-7 Times Aocheng Mansion A3 Area, Binshui West Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China
    Phone: 022-58113300Joy City: Joy City Shopping Centre. No. 60, 3rd Floor

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