Xi Bei Restaurant


This restaurant is known for its healthy menu choices.  My kids especially enjoy the roasted sunflower seeds that they bring out as an appetizer.

In the rooms upstairs there is a large table with a lazy susan, and then some hooks on the wall for any bags or jackets, as well as a bench or two. The room is quite nice, and it even comes with its own air conditioning unit.

Their menu boasts many different kinds of dumplings, yang rou chuan (grilled lamb kebabs) and the steamed fish is quite good, as well as their salad.

Last year we went there for my birthday with some Chinese friends, and the staff had some people dressed up in traditional outfits come and sing “Happy Birthday” as well as another song. They even sang in English and then brought some soup of some sort as a birthday treat (although I have no idea what it was!).

Address: No.31 Heiniucheng Dao Hexi Disrict, Tianjin
Address in Chinese: 河西区 黑牛城道31号(解放南路口)
Phone: 022-88279188 022-88279168


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