Xin Xia Xi café


Xin Xia Xi is sited at the opposite of Yang Guang 100, near Yua yuan area. It might be a bit difficult to spot if you wander around the street for its small sized room and non eye-catching billboard. I came to this café by recommended by my friend, fortunately, this café is rally good at cooking their food.

I ordered only ordered udon, Caesar salad and a cup of drink named one lemon.the salad tasted delicious for its fresh vegetables and the udon was also delicious for the spice was well-melted with noodles. Last but the least, one lemon drink was also worth trying for you can tell the difference between the chemical juice and fresh juice, but one lemon I guess it was fresh lemon juice.

  • No.19 Gangning Western Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin(at the opposite of Yangguang 100)

    西青区 港宁西路19号(阳光100国际新城对面 程华里小区正面对过)

  • 13820167509 13820981597
  • 75 rmb/ person



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