You Peng Seafood House


We first thought that this was a big banquet hall solely for wedding receptions, until some of our friends told us that it is also a restaurant that is open to the public. Inside the building are a few different restaurants, and this place offers many different types of food.

They even serve breakfast-jian bing guo zi, porridges, buns, and soup.

My children really enjoyed the steamed pork buns (they ate 9 of them, much to the waitress’ surprise), as well as the stir-fried chow mein.

When you arrive at the restaurant, the waitress will bring you a tablet to order your food. If you do not know how to use the tablet, then you can tell them what you are looking for and they can help you find it. It is very handy because you can see pictures of what the entrees are, but it is also harder for everyone to partake in the deciding of which ones to order.

This restaurant is not the cheapest one around, but I felt as if the quality of the food was good for the price that you paid. The majority of the dishes range between 18-30¥.

Nankai Distrcit

Address: No.443 Huanghe Road(Near Nankai District government.), Nankai District
Address in Chinese:天津南开区黄河道443号(南开区政府对面)

Hexi District-meijiang

Address: No.102 Zuojiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin (Near Fuli jinmen Hu)
Address in Chinese:天津河西区左江道102号(近富力津门湖)

Beichen District

Address: First floor, Aolian Hotel, xinyibai Road, Beichen District
Address in Chinese:天津北辰区新宜白大道奥联大酒店1楼

Address: Chailou Xinjiayuan, North side of Yinhe Bridge, Jinjing Road, Beichen District
Address in Chinese:天津北辰区京津公路引河桥北侧柴楼新家园底商(近柴楼售楼中心)

Dongli Distrct

Address: Intersection of Xunhailu(near Jinbin Express high way), Dongli Distrct
Address in Chinese:天津东丽区驯海路口(近津滨高速公路)

Hebei District

Address: Intersection of Zhenli Dao and Hongxing lu, Hebei District
Address in Chinese:天津河北区红星路(真理道口)

Hexi District

Address: Qilin yuan, Wushui Road, Hexi District
Address in Chinese:天津河西区小海地浯水道祺林园


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