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Many foreigners worry about the pollution levels in China, and especially those who have children. Like many other populate cities in China, Tianjin does have its share of pollution. It is important that if you suffer from any lung or breathing issues, that you keep an eye on the current pollution levels in Tianjin, as the pollution can cause problems for you while you are visiting Tianjin, and you may need to go to hospital or even sent home if your condition worsens.

Compared to most other cities, Tianjin’s pollution level is not as bad as Xian and Beijing, who have some of the worst pollution levels in China. We have seen many foreigners come to China and due to a breathing condition, have had to be sent back home for health reasons.

For this reason alone we have decided to make the current pollution levels available on Everything Tianjin. The Pollution index and current levels are supplied by AQICN. On there website you can easily search each cities current pollution level.  The Tianjin air quality index can be found at Tianjin AQIEverything Tianjin would like to thank the small team in Beijing, for their hard work, and keeping this information current and up-to-date.

If you are concerned about pollution in your home (especially if you have small children), and you don’t think you can afford a traditional air purifier, a team in Beijing has come up with an affordable solution that has been tested personally by several members of Tianjin Bang. The link to their website is below:

Smart Air Filters


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