Tianjin Korean Baseball Team


If you are a foreigner and you love to play baseball, the Korean baseball league is the perfect fit for you. There are four teams in the league: Heroes, The Ones, Stars, and Tianjin Korean baseball team. Once you join one of the four teams, you will get a jersey, and a place on the team’s roster. The team provides bats and batting helmets but you have to provide your own glove.


They play two games every Sunday, one in the morning at 9:00 and one the afternoon at 2:00. Lunch and some snacks are mostly provided for the teams where everybody chips in for the costs. The games usually go 6-7 innings. My brother plays on the Tianjin Korean baseball team with his Korean PE coach and his Japanese friend, and it’s a great experience. Although he’s the catcher, he gets a chance to bat regularly.


Everybody just plays for fun and that’s the joy of it.  All the games are on Sunday and the season is usually from August to September-October and May to June. You have to pay a certain amount to help cover the cost of the park and storage unit but to get the price contact one of your Korean friends that play on of the teams. The park is way out in the middle of nowhere so you will need a car or catch a taxi to get there. It is out near Yang Guang 100 and it is where the 2014 Asian games were held.


The people that play are mostly Korean but there are some Americans and Japanese that play also. If you want to pull together a team that is great but we recommend joining the Korean league so that you can play against other teams. It will also cost less rent the field and unit storage if you share the cost with this league. If you are hungry to play baseball and you want to join a team and just play for fun then the Korean baseball league may be the best fit for you.

Contact my dad at nicholas.tea@ldichina.com and he will help get you connected with the Korean league.



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