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The China House (also known as the “Porcelain House”), located not too far from both Bin Jang Dao and the Central Park is a museum house which is entirely made up of vases and china. The house is extremely unique and something not found very often. With many tour buses dropping people off, and many Tianjin tour companies travelling daily to this location, the China House is a hotspot and can become a little overwhelming with tourists and locals all crammed into this one house.

If you are wanting to take a look, and travelling with either friends, family or small children we recommend trying to get there in the morning, where most tour groups seem to be smaller. Mid-afternoon is when the China House is at its busiest and you will see many people queuing up outside for taking pictures and trying to get into the house. So it is best to avoid this time if possible. If you’re not really into history or museums then this place may not be for you. Even though it is a great spectacle and really shows some amazing details about China and what they can do by creating an entire house from porcelain, there isn’t really much inside the house, apart from looking at the décor and the craftsmanship that has gone into designing and making this house. Phone: 022-2712-3366 Rates: Ticket: 35 RMB per person Student Tickets: 20 RMB per student. If you are wanting to purchase a student ticket you must bring your Chinese Local Student ID, or an International Student ID, which has to be authorized from your home town or school.

  • Heping District, Chifeng road, 72nd (near Heping road, Commercial Street) 和平区赤峰道72号 (近和平路商业街)
  • Please take me to the china house. Thank you! 请送我去赤峰道上的瓷房子,谢谢。
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