Earthquake Monument Pyramid


There isn’t much to this park, but it’s a monument to the terrible earthquake that hit Tianjin in 1976, and children love to run up and down the sides of the pyramid, or climb up into the grass surrounded by the rose bushes. In the mornings you might pass by an old man playing a traditional Chinese instrument, and in the afternoons and evenings after school and work are out, it is sometimes full of people out enjoying themselves.

There’s also a display in front of it, at the intersection of Nanjing Lu and Chengdu Dao, that changes occasionally (it was a dragon for the New Year and it’s been a communist party flower sculpture since Labor Day in May.

Also, there are public bathrooms on the Hebei Lu side of the park, near the Westin, as well as what I presume are much more comfortable bathrooms in the Emperor Plaza/Westin shopping area across the street, where there is also a Subway and a frozen yogurt cafe. This park is also across the street from the nameless park that provides children a much needed opportunity to play in the grass.

  • 抗地震纪念碑 Kàng Dìzhèn Jìniànbēi

    By the Westin Hotel (威斯汀 – Wēi sī tīng, in Chinese) – Intersection of Hebei Lu and Nanjing Lu – 河北路和南京路的交点

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