Hua Xia Children’s Park


This park is behind the Cathay Future International Kindergarten and Children’s Joy City (thus you can see the fantastic buy-a-ticket-for-it outdoor park that Joy City has). This park surrounds a small lake and doesn’t have much to mention, though my children did enjoy walking around it andclimbing on the strange thing that looks like a red turtle shell with silver balls embedded in it.

  • 华夏未来儿童公园 Huáxià Wèilái Ertóng Gōngyuán

    河西区环湖中路 Huanhu Middle Road, Hexi District
    环湖中路, 环湖南路的交叉口
    Intersection of Huanhu Middle Road and Huanhu South Road

  • 华夏未来 – Huáxià Wèilái Station- 9, 10, 628, 658, 675, 686, 857, 859, 866, 878, 901, 951, 952, 963,

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