Italian Style (Florentia)


Hidden away in Tianjin is a great little treasure known as the Italian Style Village (or Florentia). In the middle of what can only be describe as Tianjin’s countryside is a fully man made village in the luxury style of Italy.

Travelling to the village isn’t too difficult, however without a car, your only way here is by train.

If you are driving here, there is plenty of parking, and rarely have we seen it so full that they’ve had to use the extra parking lot, that still remains closed. Best of all its free all day.

Open Hours: April 1 to October 31 10:00am–9:00pm, November 1 to March 31 10:00am–8:00pm

  • North of Qianjin Dao, Wuqing, Tianjin. (Across from Jing Jin High Speed Railway Wuqing Station)
  • Route A: No. 611 from Zhongshan Park To Yixian Yuan. Yixian Yuan Station opens from 6:30 to 17:30 and Zhongshan Park Station opens from 6:30 to 19:00

    Route B: No. 607 from Huayue Dao or Yangcun Bus Station. Huayue Dao Station opens from 6:30 to 18:30 and Yangcun Bus Station opens from 6:00 to 17:00

  • You can take the High Speed train, from Tianjin’s train station. Get off at Wuqing Station The center is 100 meters from Wuqing station, connected by a pedestrian bridge. Train ride is 10 minutes from Tianjin Railway station. There are 22 daily trains to Wuqing station every day!
  • If you’re traveling by car… Route A: Jinzhonghe Brige – Jingjin Tang Express Way – Yangcun exit

    Route B: Jinzhonghe Brige – Jingji Express Way – Jingjin Express Way – Wuqing North exit

    Route C: Jingjin Road – G103-Wuqing

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Arriving: When you arrive at the train station, just follow the crowd getting off and go across the Italian style looking bridge, (which has been very nicely made) then down the stairs. If you don’t use the bridge, you will need to cross as very busy road to get over to the Italian Village, so do be careful if you have children. There is a lot of construction in this area, as it is still being developed, so pay close attention to the big trucks passing by.

I would highly recommend using the bridge! Many people don’t as they want to take pictures of the garden below the bridge, and then try crossing the road themselves.

Upon entering the Village you are greeted with a very nice opening to any modern day village, and on a good sunny day, the village really looks beautiful.

Shops & Bargains: If you’re a shopaholic then this place is for you, from Prada to Gucci all the top and most expensive brands are all out here. Most of them are Factory Outlets and due to that, the price tag is a lot cheaper than those in the middle of the city. Pop on over to the Nike Factory store and you’re sure to grab a bargain. Getting yourself a nice pair of trainers usually costs 1000+ RMB in the City Centre of Tianjin, whereas here they are only 250RMB.

Kids: There is a Kids play area for your children, which offers a very large tree house style indoor play area. Your children must be over 4 years of age to enter, and parents must refrain from going into most of the kids play area, due to weight restrictions.

Restaurants: There are a selective range of restaurants here in Italian Village, but those that are here do offer great service and food. One restaurant that we highly recommend is “BellaVita”. The Italian food and service is great, and the manager is always serving with a smile. The manager is foreign and helps and greets everyone that walks through the door. From Pizza Hut to Subway to Hong Kong Food, there is sure to be something here you like to eat.There are also some of the city favorites- Costa Coffee and Haagen-Daz Ice Cream.

Italian Village is a great day out, and you get to see another side of Tianjin, even though it seems a little strange to have an Italian Style village in the middle of China. Its a great drive out, nice views, and a little greener than that of the city. The air also seems a little fresher, and with a nice river running through the village, it offers a little bit more of a country view.



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