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Tianjin Eye, the Ferris wheel in Tianjin spanning across Yongle Bridge is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel built on a bridge and is tied for 4th tallest wheel in the world. The Ferris wheel diameter is 110 meters, round exterior hanging 64 360 from a transparent cockpit.

Each cockpit (or booth) can take up to eight people, so the wheel  can accommodate 512 individual sightseeing tourists.
The Ferris wheel rotation time is around 30 minutes and 15 minutes to reach the highest point of the wheel. With sweeping views of the surrounding environment below and above, you are able to see the scenery  (radius of 40 km) weather dependent.
Each cabin / booth is quite comfortable and spacious, with air conditioning and fan adjustable temperature settings, though you may find yourself having to share with some other people if there are less than 4 in your party. The view is interesting in the day time and can be beautiful at night under the right conditions. They often set off fireworks in the evening around 8 or so, right by the wheel.
The Tianjin Eye takes 30 minutes to go around, so make sure you have been to the bathroom before entering, and you bring a bottle of water with you (sneak snacks on for the kids, but I think they’re technically not allowed so don’t pull them out until you’re on your way!).
Phone Number: 022-2628-8830
Open Hours: 9:30-21:30  (Except Monday mornings)
  • 河北区三岔河口永乐桥上(近大悲禅院商业区)
  • Take bus 849 or 954 Get off at (shi ji tian le) station Take bus 516, 652 or 658 get off at (yong le qiao) station
  • Take line one, to Xi Bei Jiao station, walk to Tianjin eye for about 20 minutes OR Take bus 861 which will get you pretty close to the Tianjin Eye.
  • From the Western Train Station it is about 3.6Km (8min) This is about 12 RMB
  • Adults: 70 RMB each
    Children: 35 RMB each ( under 1.2m)
    Private Capsules: 400 RMB / 5 People (Entire cabin/booth)
    包厢票: 400元/包厢(限乘五人以内)
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