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Tianjin TV & Radio Tower is called for short “Tian Ta”, which is located at the south-west of Tianjin, surrounded by a lake about 210,000 square meters. “Tian Ta” is famous for a sky-high tower over water. At the top of the TV Tower is a lookout point, a restaurant and some rides for smaller children.

Before you get all excited about travelling to the top of the TV Tower, I must warn you that it isn’t as impressive as one might think. You won’t be going for the facilities, but if you do go on a clear day, especially if you’re somewhat familiar with the city, it’s an interesting experience to be able to see so much of the city at once, and to pick out familiar places from above.

  • Address: 河西区卫津南路1号 No.1 Wei Jin Nan Lu, He Xi District

    Ask the taxi driver to take you to “tian ta” / 天塔

  • Take Line 3 to Tian Ta station, exit D, look up and you’ll see the tower.

If you plan to visit the top of the Tower on a glorious sunny day, thinking this would be a great opportunity to view Tianjin, then I would really encourage you to enjoy the day outside. Due to the amount of pollution in the city, and the lack of window cleaning being done on the TV Tower, even visiting the top of the tower on a good looks grey and dull. However,  the trip up through the tower doesn’t take long, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a waste of time.

That’s not all, the TV Tower’s restaurant at the top is very expensive and the food and service is just horrendous. You can walk up the spiral staircase from the observation deck and take a peek at the revolving restaurant (they said it completes a revolution every 50 minutes), but if you want to sit down you have to buy a drink in the restaurant, however you will be extremely surprised to hear that a terrible cup of coffee will cost you around 120 RMB. If you would like something to sweeten the deal than try the hard and very old dry cakes, these will cost you around 40-80 RMB. It’s really enough just to take a peek and walk back down.

I really would like to see the Tianjin Authorities step in and revamp and update the tower, as this could be one of the best places to go in Tianjin, sadly today however it isn’t.

To be honest, from my own personal experience and many others, and also just looking around online at current reviews, there are not many reasons as to why you should even go see this. I guess one may say “it is an experience”, as the tower is in the top 15 tallest towers in the world.

So if you’re popping by Tianjin, or even living here for any amount of time, have a look and visit one of the great Tianjin attractions and cross it off your Tianjin bucket list!. The surrounding environment is very nice too (on a good day). As it’s not too far from the Water Park either. So you could make it a very good adventurous day out with the family.




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