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I realize that most expats who come to Tianjin are not thinking of staying here long term, and the thought of having a pet is just a terrible inconvenience, especially with all the traveling most expats do over the holidays, but on the off-chance that you are one of the expats who would like to acquire a pet while here, and you don’t end up finding a puppy or a kitten (or 7) in your hallway every spring, there are several animal rescue organizations in Beijing that you should consider before ever even thinking of actually buying a pet. These are listed below. You might also consider fostering a cat or dog while you are here.

The very first thing you could do would be to post on our group’s Facebook page to see if any tender-hearted expats who accumulated animals during their stay here are now moving on and looking for homes for their animals. There are those of us who find it very difficult to pass by an animal on the street, even if picking them up makes no sense at all, and we would be grateful if other expats took the leap and gave a home to one of these animals during their stay here. The hardest-to-place animals are cats, and if you like cats but don’t think you could commit to having one because of travel plans, just remember that cats are very happy to stay at home only to be checked on once every 2 or 3 days, and they would prefer that to living on the street. If all the animal-loving expats worked together and took the leap of faith that if they stepped up and cared for an animal, when the time came to move on, another incoming expat would also step up and take over for them, it would help so much!

If you find an animal but cannot keep it, the first option would be to check with your local veterinarian. There are some kind veterinarians out there who would be willing to put the animal in a cage in front of their store and find a home for it (I’m not sure how many are actually willing, I just happen to have found one in Hedong and there must be others). It’s not the coziest solution, perhaps, but it’s better than leaving the animal outside. It’s a good idea to leave a bit of money to cover the cost of the animal’s care, along with a bag of food. The second option, after posting on the facebook page mentioned above, would be to contact one of the rescue organizations listed below, who would also be very grateful if a donation accompanied the animal in question, I’m sure.

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The Little Adoption is open everyday from 12pm to 8pm. They usually have around 25 small-breed dogs at our “shop”, a large, safe space that is very much unlike a pet shop, and more like a kindergarten for dogs. For directions and a map in Chinese, please click here.

beijing cat

Formerly known as “Cat Friends,” Beijing Cat was founded by Scarlett Zhang, and since 2001 has re-homed over 100 cats in happy adoptive families.
All of our cats seeking adoption are healthy, dewormed, neutered and vaccinated. They are also friendly, with sweet personalities, and suitable for adoption.
Scarlett’s Phone: 13501315988; Mail:

little adoption shop

Location: Shunyi, West Side of New Exhibition Center (新国展)
Telephone: 1368-360-2305
Click here for Facebook.


Together for Animals in China (TACN) is a not-for-profit organisation founded by a team of native and overseas Chinese animal rescuers and activists, with the aim of improving the lives of animals in China and promoting ​compassion for all animals.​ ​TACN works to bring people together to provide effective means to support animal rescue efforts, help abused and neglected animals and also help local animal rescue groups and individuals in China, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of animals and ending the illegal dog and cat meat trade.​



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