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Here is an awesome app named “Mtime”, which helps us check the showtimes of the latest movies as well as the information of cinemas all around China. You can also purchase tickets via this app, but we have another way for you to do so to obtain discounted prices. Although this App is only available in a Chinese version, we will show you how to use this step by step.

Step 1 – Download Mtime App

Mtime Download Info

Go to the Apple store or your favorite Android store to download ‘Mtime’ app for free.

You can also go to to download the software from there. At the website you can also download the a Microsoft Phone app of MTime as well.


mtime logo

Step 2 – Front Screen

Front Screen of Mtime

You can see almost all the latest movies on the front screen of the app when you launch Mtime.

We provide translations of the Chinese here for you so that you can get the basic idea of using this app.


Step 3 – Set and Verify Your City Location

Check Your City

The blue button with Chinese Characters is the City that your app is set to. We expect that if you downloaded the app in Tianjin, and installed it here that the default will be “天津”.  Just in case though, we’ve included info on how to change it.

Click the blue button with the characters “天津” on the top left hand corner to change the city location. The characters”天津” means “Tianjin”. If you do not see those characters, your city is set to another city in China. Click on the city where you would like the app to provide you the movie info.

As you can see on the image below, you can choose quite a few different cities. The cities are divided into groups by Pinyin (Even through they show the Chinese Characters), so you could find your city by the Pinyin. So to set your city to so just go to the group by “T” and choose “天津” for the city “Tianjin”.


Step 4 – Understanding the Latest Movie Screen

Latest Movies Screen

When the App is first launched it should come up by default to the “Latest Movies Screen”.  To confirm, the button to “正在热映” should be gray/silver. This means you are on the “Latest movies” Screen.

Just below this button is an image of a movie. You swipe the image left or right to see information regarding the next movie.

The first line of information with a red number is (Image below in Red Box):

Title & Rank of the movie (In Chinese)

EXAMPLE: Title/Rank: The Expendables 3 (Movie) & 7.1 (Rank)

The next line is “Release Date of Movie”, “Number of Cinemas” and “Number of Times Movie Played” as of today in Tianjin :

EXAMPLE: Release date of this example: September 1st- Today this movie played in 44 cinemas for 277 times in Tianjin.


The last line tells you the “Number of Mins for the Film” and “Type of Film”

EXAMPLE: This example lasts for: 126 min-Action/Adventure

Once you find the movie you are interested in…

click on the green button with “查影讯” characters. This means “Check the Showtimes”

Step 5 – Showtime Info

When you click “查影讯” (Check the Showtimes), You will see the image below.

You will see a bar with today’s date and a Greater Than symbol. This tells you the showtimes are for this particular date. If you click on the Greater Than symbol (>), the date will move forward the number of days you click the symbol (>).

Below the Bar with the “Greater Than” (>) symbol, are a list of Theaters in Tianjin.

This is so that you can choose one of your favorite cinemas or theaters to see the movie showtimes. Alas, the list may be a bit daunting to figure out.

Two ways to solve this….  you might turn to your Chinese friend(s) and ask them to print out the list of Chinese names of the cinemas and/or theaters you might go to.

The second way, we will make a list of all the cinemas names in Tianjin both in English and Chinese to make it easier for everyone to check showtimes. So check back here in the near future for the list.


Mtime10 copymtime9



When you click on the theater from the list the app shows you, the screen will drop down a list of the movie available times as well as the price of the ticket for that movie at that selected theater.

Step 6 – Choose Your Seat(s)

Choose Your Seat(s)
If you decide you want to purchase a/some ticket(s), or just curious as to what seats are available at this particular cinema. Click on the orange button just to the right of the price. The button label has the Chinese characters “购票”. Which means (Buy Tickets). Yes, I know duh….

You will see the layout of the cinema and can choose where want you want to sit. All you have to do is click on the sea of blue and voila, e.g. we have chose two seats in the middle.



Step 7 – Register

If you are a membership of Mtime, just input your username and password;

If you want to register as a member, just click the white button with the characters “免费注册”

If you don’t want to be a member but still want to purchase the ticket, then choose”非会员购票” (non-membership pass)

mtime12 copy



If you want to register as a member:



If you don’t want to be the member :


Step 8 – Confirm the Order and Pay

Confirm the Order






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