China Film Cinema (Jinwan Square)


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This is one of my favourite cinemas in Tianjin, with the luxurious enjoyment but the very low prices. This cinema is divided into two parts, one is the for the IMAX movie rooms, another  is for VIP movie rooms.

As you can see from the photo, the seats are  leather and fully adjustable. You can recline by laying down the back of the seat or just raising the footstool. Of course, every room is equipped with air-conditioning during summer time and the heat during the winter time. Every VIP movie room contains seating for about 25 people.

The prices of the VIP movie rooms only cost approximately 25 rmb / person if you order this ticket from the discount website, like DianPing, Meituan etc.  Also, the prices of IMAX movie rooms is about 45 rmb / person on the discount websites. It’s ranked as the best IMAX in Tianjin

Jinwan Plaza China Film Theater Listings on

  • 和平区解放北路48号津湾广场6号楼3楼(滨江道口)
    Jinwan Square, Building 6, 3rd Floor, 48 Jiefang North Road, Heping District

    Metro Line 3, Jinwan Guangchang Station, maybe exit C?

  • Phone: 022-23219060



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