Tianjin has many Cinema Theatre’s from IMAX, 4D Plex, 3D Galleries and just your regular cinema. Living in Tianjin has some massive advantages when going to the Cinema compared to most of high populated cities.

If you’re lucky enough to have your weekends (or days off) during the week (Monday to Friday) then popping into your local cinema during the day is a great way to find that you could be the only person enjoying your favourite movies. Many theaters have VIP cards, and the price of the ticket will be half the posted price if you use the card. The card is just a holding place for the money that you use to buy the ticket. For 3D movies, depending on the cinema, you will have to give a deposit of either 10 or 100 kuai for a pair of glasses. Children under 130 are free, one per paying adult. You have to choose an assigned seat in most theaters, which is ridiculous because people just sit where they want. In China, the movies start right on the dot, no previews after the start time, so you have to get right in there, but on weekends it can take more than half an hour of waiting in line to buy a ticket, so get there early.

Below we have included a list of Cinemas in Tianjin. Where they are, how to get there. This is a website you can use to find out what movies are playing and where.


  • Address: 2F, Building E, Wanda Commercial Plaza, No.168, Heping Road, Heping District, Tianjin

    Bus Routes: 1, 609, 610, 611, 619, 633, 646, 693, 904, 611 get off at Heping Road station

    Opening Hours: 09:30-01:30
    Tel: 022-27226619

  • Address: 3F, No.6, Jin Wan Plaza, Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District

    Tel: 022 2321 9060

  • Address: No. 6, Huanhu Zhong Lu, Hexi District

    Tel: +86 22 2335 2226

  • Address 3F, Building B, Magnetic Capital, no. 8, Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District

    Tel: 022 2385 508

  • Address: The junction of Binshui Dao and Youyi Lu, Hexi District

    Tel: +86 22 2835 6028

  • Address:河东区津滨大道53号万达广场娱乐楼4楼(泰兴南路口)
    4th Floor, WanDa Plaza, NO.53 Jing Bin Da Dao, He Dong District ( Crossing Tai Xing Nan Lu )
    Tel: 022-2418900824189018

    Address: 和平区和平路168号万达商业广场E座2楼(近福安大街)
    2nd Floor, Building E, NO.168 WanDa Plaza, He Ping Road, He Ping District
    Tel: 022-2722661927226612

    Address: 南开区三马路6号劝业场西南角店6楼
    6 Floor, Quan Ye Chang Bazzar, Xi Nan Jiao Store, NO.6 San Ma Lu, Nan Kai District
    Tel: 022-27359191

  • Jinyi has 4 theaters in Tianjin, and if you purchase a card at one location, you can use it at all locations. The card does not cost money, but you keep money on it for purchasing tickets. If you purchase a ticket on the card, the fee will be half the posted price. There is no reason not to do this! You can check out Jinyi’s website to see what films are playing in which theaters in English –

    Address: 南开区鞍山西道259号时代数码广场5楼(南丰路口)
    5th Floor, Digital Times Square, NO. 259 An Shan Xi Dao, NanKai District (Crossing Nan Feng Lu)
    Tel: 022-58112952

    Address: 南开区宾水西道奥城商业广场8号B区3楼(近凌宾路)
    3rd Floor,Zone B, NO.8 Olympic Plaza, Bin Shui Xi Dao, NanKai District (near Ling Bin Road)
    Tel: 022-23855068

    Address: 河西区琼州道103号人民公园南侧
    Southen Side of Ren Ming Park, NO.103 Qiong Zhou Road, He Xi District
    Tel: 022-58182222

    Address: 天津市南开区南门外大街2号大悦城4层
    Joy City IMAX, 4th floor, No. 2 Nanmenwai Dajie, Nankai District
    Tel: 022-58182222

  • Address: 和平区南门外大街2-6号大悦城4楼15号(南马路口)
    NO.15, 4th Floor of Joy City, NO.2-6 Nan Men Wai Da Jie, He Ping District

    Tel: 022-58106700

  • Address:河西区乐园道9号银河国际购物中心L4-L5楼(广东路口)
    L4-L5, Galaxy Mall, NO.9 Le Yuan Dao, HeXi District (Near Guang Do Lu)

    Tel: 022-83889188

  • Address: 南开区东马路137号仁恒海河广场乐天百货5楼
    5th floor,Lotte department store, NO.137 Dong Ma Lu, Nan Kai District

    Tel: 022-58289708

  • Address:河西区乐园道9号彩悦城阳光乐园购物中心4楼(近越秀路)
    4th Floor, Happy City (Cai Yue Cheng), NO.9 Le Yuan Dao, HeXi District (Near Yue Xiu Lu)

    Tel: 022-83885183


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