One Play at Cai Yue Cheng


This play place isn’t like most of the other play places around. It has a soft play area with ball pits (including a massive ball pit with a pirate ship in it) and guns that shoot foam balls powered by an air compressor and a sand pit, but it also has an infant play area, a dress up/barbie/tea party room, story times, craft times, a tool/train/toy car area, a doll house/games/puzzles/blocks area, a stage where children can pretend to put on shows, a place to pretend you’re shopping and cooking and living in a little house, and probably some things I’m forgetting. It’s more like you’re just going to a play date at someone’s really cool house, with lots of regular toys that you’d have at your own home, only basically all the toys you’d ever want to buy. It’s more expensive than most play places, but the best deal is paying 1000 RMB for the 12 time card. They have lockers at the entrance, but they’re the kind of locker that only open once and then you need to get a new one, so don’t forget! If you close your things into it after opening the door once, you’ll have to get some help. There’s a bathroom right by the larger ball pit with the pirate ship.

Location: See post about Cai Yue Cheng.



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