Victory Kingdom Amusement Park


This is an amusement about 45 minutes outside the city in Wuqing. It has a few big rides and some small rides for children. I think it’s safe to say it’s the biggest amusement park in the city. We visited over Qingming Festival in April and there were no lines except for the lame water ride, for which we would have had to wait more than an hour (so we skipped it). None of the people there at the time were particularly dare-devilish so we were always able to get the front of the hanging roller coaster. I strongly recommend visiting on a day when the rest of China is in school or at work, though I’d have thought that Qingming would have been busy, but I suppose everyone as busy tomb-sweeping, and maybe it’s not an appropriate holiday for fun?

  • Chinese Name: 凯旋王国主题乐园 – Kǎixuán Wángguó Zhǔtí Lèyuán

    Website (Chinese Only):

    Telephone: 022-60995715|022-60995716|022-60995717

  • Hours: 9:30-5:00

    Adult Ticket: 180 RMB
    Children 1.2-1.4m and Elderly: 90 RMB
    Children under 1.2m: FREE

    Try to get your tickets on, or or before you go!

  • If you have a driver, send him this link: Victory Kingdom – Getting There
    Address: 凯旋王国主题乐园 – 天津市武清区雍阳西道与翠通路交口(杨村小世界)
    Kǎixuán Wángguó Zhǔtí Lèyuán – Tiānjīn Shì Wǔqīng Qū Yōngyáng Xī Dào yǔ Cuìtōng Lù jiāokǒu (Yángcūn Xiǎo Shìjiè)
    Intersection of Yong Yang Road and Cuitong Road (at Yangcun Small World), Wuqing District

    It looks like you can take a series of buses out there, but it will be time-consuming. A taxi would cost about 120 RMB.


  • They have the mystifyingly-named “In Somalia” that refers to the water in the center of the park and the surrounding rides, which seem to be pirate-themed…
  • You can rent riding 3-wheeled scooters (such as disabled people use in the US) by the hour to ride around the park. I don’t remember the price.
  • There are two food options that I remember, both marked on the map below. Burgers, fries and chicken at one place, and noodles at the other. Not fantastic but great if you’re hungry.
  • 4-D movie is included in entrance fee, I think.

The map below just has a few of the key spots marked. I probably shouldn’t have waited until 8 months after going to make this post…


I took all of these photos from Nuomi because my camera battery died while I was there. Will update with my own photos next time.


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