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Join frequent moviegoer programs. Most of the big movie theater brands have loyalty programs that earn you free concessions or movie tickets by signing up for a card and frequenting that theater. If you’re loyal to an independent or art house theater, it may have a membership program that affords you special privileges, such as discounted tickets. My local nonprofit movie theater also offers its members discounts at local businesses. Actually, never go to a movie theater without buying the card. Even if you have 20 kuai left on the card, it won’t be as much wasted as what you would have spent paying double the cost for tickets without the card. You can say, “我想办卡 – Wǒ xiǎng bàn kǎ,” I’d like to open a card.

Buy discounted tickets. Occasionally, you can purchase discounted movie passes through websites like DianPing. This especially appeals to families or frequent moviegoers, because you may need to buy a block of movie passes to get the discount. Some companies offer discounted movie tickets as an employee perk. Pay attention to restrictions or expiration dates, though. Sometimes these passes aren’t valid until a week or two after the movie has come out, so you can’t always see the latest flick during opening weekend. Now we will show how to buy a discounted tickets on only Chinese version websites.

The first way depend on the quality of the cinemas:

1. Choose the cinema you prefer

Here are the top five cinemas in Tianjin:

OSGH Cinema in Galaxy Shopping Mall
Chinese name: 橙天嘉禾IMAX影城
4th-5th floor Galaxy Mall , No.9 LeYuan Road, Hexi District
Phone: 022-83889188
Jinyi International Cinema (Joy City)
Chinese Name: 金逸IMAX影城(大悦城店)
4th floor Joy City, Nanmenwai Street, Heping District
Phone: 022-58106700
Capital Cinema (Welife Mall)
Chinese name: 首都电影院(天津远洋店)
3rd floor Welife Mall, Xinkai Road, Nankai District
Phone: 022-59661177
China Film Cinema (Jinwan Square )
Chinese name: 中影国际影城(津湾广场店)
3rd floor Jinwan Square, Jiefang North Road, Heping District
Phone: 022-23219060
Jackie Chan Cinema (Shine City)
Chinese name: 耀莱成龙国际影城(友谊店)
the 3rd floor in the Shine City, the transaction of Youyi Road and Heiniu Road, Hexi District.
Phone: 022-88312828

If you want to book the movie ticket online at a discount, please choose the cinema you prefer at first. For example, China Film Cinema (Jinwan Square) would be my first choice. Of course, later we will put on the posts about how to find suitable cinemas.

2. Enter ‘dianping’ website

please input  ‘www.’ and enter this website.

I think only the Chinese Name does work if you search the  cinema in the Dianping website. I will list all the cinemas both in English and Chinese  so that you only need to copy and then paste.


3. Search for your cinema.

Search for Your Cinema
Just type the Chinese names of the the cinemas, and then click “搜索”. Also later I will put on the listing of almost all the cinemas in Tianjin both in English and Chinese. For example, I type the “中影国际影城(津湾广场店)” (China Film Cinema (Jinwan Square )) in the box here.


 4. Enter your cinema’s homepage

Find that Cinema
As you can see, there may show two or more posts when you search the cinema which you want to go. But just find the correct Chinese name, which more like the a game named “spot the difference”


Enter the Homepage of the Cinema


5. Find the discount news .

Find the Discount News


Usually there are two kinds of discount news, the first one is the price for the normal 2D movies or sometimes for 3D (but most of the time, you need to add about 10 yuan when you go to the cinema for 3D movies when you show the e-ticket  of the 2D movies. Total you might spend 35 yuan for a 3D movie and 25 yuan for 2D movie), the second one, 45 yuan, is for the IMAX movies. Just choose what you want, then click it.

6. Click”立即抢购”

To Buy It, Just Click It

If you enter this page, just check the expiry date then click “立即抢购”


After you click “立即抢购”,you will see this box, but it’s better to choose the other option (I have marked by the red rectangle), just login in with your cellphone number.

dianping 6



At the end, click the”确认付款”( confirm the payment), you will enter the page to pay for it.

7. Pay for it

 8. Go to the cinema


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