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If you are changing jobs or moving to another city, or moving to another country that requires a background check, you may need to get this Certificate of No Criminal Record from Tianjin before you go. This is how I went about getting my Certificate of No Criminal Record (无犯罪证明) in Tianjin. Just because I got it this way does not necessarily mean this is the only way to get it, but it took so much detective work to figure out how to get it that I thought perhaps I’d save the rest of you some trouble by sharing my experiences.

  • Can be found on Google Maps by searching “Tianjin North China Notary Public Office.”

    Hours: 8:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00

    Name in Chinese: 天津市北方公证处
    Address: 和平区大理到100号 – Hépíng Qū Dàlǐ Dào 100 hào – 100 Dali Road, Heping District

    Nearest Bus Stations:
    体育馆 – Tiyuguan – 9, 831, 845, 902, 951, 观光2
    天和医院 – Tianhe Yiyuan – 9, 325, 800, 831, 845, 858, 862, 870, 902, 908, 951, 观光2
    昆明路 – Kunming Lu – 13, 325, 685, 858, 862, 871, 904


  • Name in Chinese: 天津市公安出人境管理局 – Tiānjīn Shì Gōng’ān Chūrén Jìng Guǎnlǐ Jú

    Address: 河北区寿安街19号 – Héběi Qū Shòu’ān Jiē 19 hào – 19 Shou’an St., Hebei District

    This is not the exit-entry administration where you went to get your visa stuff done, it’s the building that’s to the right of the big exit-entry administration as you face it, where you might have gone for an initial interview to get your residence permit. You have to walk up to the fourth floor (no elevators). Below is a photo of what the building looks like on the outside, and a photo of the floor that you need to visit.


    胜利路 – Shengli Lu – 14, 27, 634, 638, 640, 645, 802, 832, 841, 870, 901, 961

    民主道 – Minzhu Dao – 14, 802, 841, 870, 901

    意式风情区(进步道) – Yishi Fengqing Qu (Jinbu Dao) – 5, 8, 27, 634, 635, 638, 639, 645, 676, 680, 802, 805, 806, 832

    平安街 – Ping’an Jie – 14, 27, 634, 638, 640, 645, 663, 802, 832, 841, 870, 901, 961

    2015-06-03-14h08m38 2015-06-08-10h00m39

Step One: Procure the following documents:

– Your Beichaka (The piece of paper that confirms that you are registered at the police station where you live, it’s a half sheet of paper in Chinese with your name and passport number on it and a round red stamp.)

– Your passport (if you send someone else to do this for you, they may need their passport as well)

– Your foreign expert certificate

– A letter from your employer requesting the certificate of no criminal record. I’ve included a template below in case the employer has no idea what to write.


A piece of paper from the notary. This step I am so unsure about. I was told to go to the notary, I showed the girl at the desk these words and said I wanted 无犯罪证明 and they handed me the following paper, unfilled out, and I brought it with the other things listed above, and the PSB seemed to be content. Below is a picture of the form she handed me. This place is crazy crowded, but for this step, you just need to ask the person at information and she will hand you this form and tell you to go back to the PSB, so it doesn’t matter what time you go, as long as it’s during working hours listed in the tab above.


Step Two: Once you have acquired all the documents above, take them all to the PSB (instructions above). Tell them you want a 无犯罪证明 (wú fànzuì zhèngmíng). They will ask for all your documents and the name of your employer, they will take them and make copies, compile it all, have you sign a piece of paper (this step doesn’t have to be done by you, personally, anyone can do it), and then hand you a half sheet of paper and tell you to take it to the Notary (where you went to get the form in Step One).

Step Three: Take this precious half sheet of paper, as well as your passport (if you’re doing this for someone else, take your passport and theirs) to the notary (instructions above). This part is very important. The wait time here can be very very long. If you get there with less than an hour before closing time or lunch time, they will tell you there are no more numbers available and to come back. So I would plan to get there either at 8:30 or 1:30 precisely (I’d prefer 8:30 as I don’t know if there are leftovers from the morning that take precedence in the afternoon).

Tell the woman at information that you need 无犯罪证明 (wú fànzuì zhèngmíng). If you have a tiny bit of Chinese, you can probably do this yourself. She will ask you where you want to use it (in China or not – 在中国用的 – zài zhōngguó yòng de or 在中国用的 – zài wàiguó yòng de), and ask whether you need it translated (xūyào fānyì – 需要翻译 or 不需要翻译 – bù xūyào fānyì). I think there’s an extra fee for this, and maybe an extra step, but I can’t vouch for it because I didn’t do it.

She will give you a number. Watch the display carefully, to see which window to go to, because the announcements can be hard to hear.

When you are called to the window, hand over the passports and the paper. The woman will give you a form she fills out and tell you to go to cashier’s window. You first hand the form to the people (data entry) just to the right of the cashier’s window, and they enter it into the computer. Then you step over to the cashier’s window and pay (mine was 80 RMB, but it may be 200 for translation). Take the papers back to the window you started at (she will have started helping someone else, so just hand her the paper when she is done). She will give you a receipt to come back and pick up the completed certificate in one week. The pick-up window is across the waiting area from the cashier’s window

Step Four: Pick up the completed certificate. I think it doesn’t matter what time you come for this, because I don’t think you take a number and wait. I think you just go to the pick-up window.


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