How to pay for your Cell Phone


One of the most convenient ways to pay for your phone is the above machine. You can find them in many little markets, and once you know what they are, you’ll probably notice them everywhere. Apparently you can do lots of things on them, but I only know how to pay for the phone on them.

Step 1: When you walk up, there may be an advertisement on the display. Just press the home button. Then you will see the screen above. Once you see that screen, press the second icon, the upside teardrop.



Step 2: When you see the screen below, select the first icon on the top row on the left, the orange one.



Step 3: Here you enter your telephone number twice, using the on-screen keyboard, and then you can choose the amount of money you want to pay. Once you’ve done that, touch the bottom blue button.



Step 4: Then you need to swipe your bank card, magnetic strip facing in. Once you’ve done that, you enter your PIN on the number pad on the side of the machine and press the blue button.



Step 5: Press the blue button, a receipt will print (sometimes, not always) and you’re done. Once in a while the machine won’t work, but it’s usually because the entire system is down. You can also have a friend on Taobao pay for your phone on their account. Just send them a WeChat (since your phone probably has no service) and ask them to do it. They just enter your number and pay.





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