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Installing Internet into you apartment can be a little tricky at times. Whether this is dealing with the ISP (Internet Service Provider), or your Landlord. So we have compiled a few tips and tricks and helpful phrases which you can use to help you along your way to get Internet, as we know for most of you no Internet means the end of the world.

In Tianjin there are several Internet Service Providers. Below is a compiled list of prices of the major ISP’s.


Internet service quality (download speed and steady connections) do vary depending on both your location in the city and your local compound community. (The area which your apartment is located).

We have heard many good reports from all of these providers, but we have also heard many bad reports. These reports range from;

  • Great download speeds, but always getting disconnected
  • Bad phone support
  • Slow internet during the evening (Peak Hours)
  • Slow Internet when using VPN (some ISP’s try to restrict VPN Pass through)

China Unicom seem to be one of the best for a steady connection with little or no down time. They may not be the fastest, but do offer a good uptime ratio. Just make sure your Internet Bill is paid for.

China Telecom

2M 80RMB/Month
4M (Standard) 100RMB/Month Some areas not valid for 4MB
8M 140RMB/Month
12M 160RMB/Month
20M 200RMB/Month

Contact Information

Hotline Number: 10000


China Unicom

2M 120RMB/Month
4M 180RMB/Month
6M Fiber Optic Broadband 120RMB/Month Some areas are not available for Fibre Optic broadband
8M Fiber Optic Broadband 180RMB/Month Some areas are not available for Fibre Optic broadband
20M Fiber Optic Broadband 220RMB/Month Some areas are not available for Fibre Optic broadband
50M Fiber Optic Broadband 280RMB/Month Some areas are not available for Fibre Optic broadband

Contact Information

Hotline: 10010



2M 80RMB/Month
4M 120RMB/Month
2M 720RMB/Yearly Save 20RMB per Month
4M 1200RMB/Yearly Save 20RMB per Month

Contact Information

Hotline: 10050


Great Wall

Unfortunately Great Wall do not current advertise their prices online, and we have heard that they may even charge more depending on where you live.

For more information you can contact their hotline number on, 400-605-5885

We have heard mixed reports regarding Great Wall, however if you live in an area where they provide good QoS then Great Wall offer high speed Broadband.

Contacting your Internet Service Provider

If you are living in an apartment which already has the Internet installed, this is usually because the Landlord / owner has already got it installed. If this is the case any changes you wish to make regarding the Internet will have to be made through your Landlord or the owner.

So please contact them regarding any changes you wish to make, such as changing ISP’s or even upgrading your Internet speed from 2M to 4M.

Some Landlords don’t really care too much regarding the internet, so before you move in access them about the internet, whether they have any or not, and which services are they using. In many cases the Landlord will give you permission to change, upgrade your internet / ISP.

Note: Some landlords do pay for a yearly contract for any Internet Service, if this be the case and you wish to change ISP you may need to pay the Landlord the amount difference. 

If you don’t have any prior Internet Service install here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you.

  1. Ask you neighbours which ISP they are using, and get feedback regarding service.
  2. Speak to all the ISP’s to get their feedback on their quality of service in your local area.
  3. Make sure you ask for any installation or setup charges.

Once you have done this, you will need to go into your local ISP’s office and ask them to install your Internet. At this point you maybe required to sign a contract, and have your passport scanned.

It is recommend for foreigners to pay for at least three months in advance, to give you a little more peace of mind that your bill is paid for, and you don’t need to pay again for another three months.

It usually take 3-5 working days for them to install the internet into your apartment. This usually requires and Engineer to go on site and make the changes, and also come into your apartment to install and check the internet is working, so please make sure you have a computer ready at hand.

It is not advisable to have the Internet installed and not checked by the engineer, as if there are any additional problems, or you are unable to connect to the internet yourself, you will need to phone the ISP and they will send the engineer to your apartment again. This may take an additional 1-3 days.


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