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As an expat, it’s always great to receive packages from back home. Below are some general information regarding mail and packages.

Post offices in Tianjin have the English sign “China Post”.

Mailing Letters:

  • Send mail and buy stamps from the post office.
  • Postage to the US: 5.40 RMB, one sheet of paper, 6.40 for thicker letters.  Postcard: 4.5 RMB
  • Local postage is 6 mao.

Mailing Packages:

  • Packages can be mailed from the Post Office
  • Packages can be mailed from the train station post office.
  • Be sure to use a sturdy box
  • Don’t tape your box shut until it has been examined by the customs official.

Receiving Packages:

  • Incoming packages are kept at the Post office for your pick up.
  • If you receive a package, a package slip will be delivered to your door.

You will need to sign for it, show your passport and in some cases pay a fee.

  • When going to pick up your package, don’t forget to take the package slip and your passport.
  • If you leave the package at the post office for more than three days, there will be a small storage fee (2 mao/day) to pay when you pick it up.

Mailing packages to other countries with that country’s postage:

Visit the following link for easy instructions on how to prepay online and print mailing/shipping labels for packages to be sent within the US, domestic or international: and go to “print postage” ~ Click & Ship

To simplify receiving packages from your home country, have mailing labels with your return address in Chinese characters made by your Chinese friends underneath your country’s language. Then email them to your friends and have them print the label and paste it on the package. This will improve the delivery rate of your packages.


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