McDonald’s Delivery for Expats


Ever wonder how you can get McDonald’s delivered to your home or office even though as an Tianjin expat, you can’t speak enough (or any) Chinese?

There’s two ways to do it….

First way, Call the McDonald’s Order Hotline: 400-851-7517 (English Speaking)

Second way, go to the following China McDonald’s (which is the english version) link:

All you need is your apartment complex name in Chinese. (Ask your Chinese friend to enter or email it to you)



Sign up for an account

After you enter your City, when you enter your address, remember to enter the information in this order:

District, your area, your apartment complex (This is where your Chinese friend can type the Chinese characters in for you or cut and paste the email they sent you)

The website is fairly smart. If you just enter your apartment complex, it will try to fill in your district and area information for you. You will need to select one of the options it offers you (if more than one).

Then enter your Block, Door, Level and Unit.






Once this is completed, you will need to “Confirm Delivery Address”, by clicking on the button.

The system will verify the address entered. Once completed you will receive the following screen to enter your information. Such as Name, Contact Number, Email, Password, etc.


You may receive an error page if the address is non-existent or not in their database. The screen will looks like this.



If so, you have two options:

1) Try again, perhaps you typed or selected an incorrect address. Try again and make sure your entries are correct.

2) Call the number on the error screen; there will be english speaking staff to assist you.

If your information was entered successfully, you will see this page. You will need to go into your email, find and open the email from McDonald’s, then click on the activation button.


Once you click on the activation button, you now have created an account on the China McDonald’s delivery website.


Now you can order your McDonald’s items, all in English. Just click on menu. The website even remembers your last 5 orders for quick re-order.

There are Iphone and Android apps available as well.






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