Ban Nao Hui


Tianjin’s Biggest Computer Supper Store

Bai Nao Hui

Bai+Nao+Hui+(5)Looking for a computer, addicted to technology and gadgets then Bai Nao Hui is for you. As one of Tianjin’s largest computer supper stores, Bai Nao Hui has everything you could ever need to solve, fix or satisfy your technological needs. From cameras, computer, tablet, prints, storage devices, mouse pads, mice, gaming keyboards, Alien-ware, well I’m sure you get the picture.

Bai Nao Hui stand 6 floors tall, with an endless number of computer shops next door to fix, mod and expend your computers. Most stores within Bai Nao Hui are small and therefore offer allot of competition, and allows you to try and get the best price for what you are looking for. One shop says 100 rmb the next says 80 rmb, it really is a place of bargaining.

Bai+Nao+Hui+(3)With its little brother down the road, just 3 minutes walk you can take a look at (Saibo), which has allot of the same thing, but in my opinion is easy to walk around and actually find what you’re looking for without talking to any of the store keepers. With that said, if you’re anything like me going to both instead much of a problem, and more like a relaxing day out.

How to get there?

How to get there by Taxi:

Can you take me to Bai Nao Hui   /   麻烦请送我到百脑汇, 谢谢 – Ma Fan Qin Song Wo Dao Bai Nao Hui, Xie, Xie
Useful Phrases

我就看看,谢谢你 – Wo Jiu Kan Kan, Xie Xie Ni

这个多少钱 – Zhe Ge Duo Shao Qian

你有——————吗? – Ni you __  ma ??


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