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As you can see, I have been hard at work figuring out how to create and pay for things on Taobao, China’s biggest eBay like platform. Here I bring you a very simple guide on how to purchase from Taobao.

As usual, I am always looking in any ways on how to improve this, and make it better so please leave a comment or send me some feedback.

Step 1:

Log into your Taobao account.

Read more here on how to setup a Taobao account easily


Step 2:

Enter your account information, as shown in the picture below.


Step 3:

Use Taobao to search for what you are wanting to buy. As shown very easily below.



Step 4:

From the list, select the item you are interested in, and click the picture to open a new browsing window, to view more details about the product.


Step 5: 

Not all products has the exact same information as the picture shown below. However you can get the general idea of how it works, and what can be displayed. Here you can choose the specific item (different picture) you are wanting to buy, and also state the quantity.



Step 6:

This is where you will have to enter your address and phone number. As shown in the picture below, only the first four fields require information, you do not need to enter your home phone number or your mobile.

When you created your account, you had to enter your mobile number already, this number is used to send you any message regarding purchased used on your Taobao account.


Step 7: Following on from the previous step, once you have submitted, you will then need to confirm your order, as shown below.

Step 8: Old Taobao Version

Here is the most important part, this is where you will need to choose your payment method. As shown below, I recommend using the Saving Account option, as later I found that many sellers don’t use or prefer not to use other payment methods.

Even if you select to purchase using cash, you still need a bank account.

From here choose which bank you will be paying with. This is where you will need to grab your Chinese Bank Card!

Then click next



Step 8: New Taobao Version The following step are new, and have just been added to the way Taobao payment works. Hopefully these updated steps will help you. If you choose to purchase using your bank account, type in your bank account number and click next.



Step 9: Online Payment Choose quick payment or online banking, then click next.


Purchasing using cash

If you are really wanting to purchase using cash then you can do this here. Just like the previous step you still need to enter bank account information, however you are also presented with a different screen, where you can select which cash payment service you’d like to use, as shown below.



Purchasing using cash

Next click the link as shown below

Taobao + New + 2

Purchasing using cash

Next type in your phone number and you should receive a message.


Step 10: 

Following on from the payment option, now you will need to enter your payment details.

  1. Name
  2. Credenitials (This is your Passport or Chinese card ID Number)
  3. Card Number
  4. Phone Number

You will then need to click the little button as shown below, it will reveal a code which you have to enter into the small box on the left.

Please remember to click the small tick box


Your Name, Passport Number and Bank Card details all must match. When you apply for a Chinese bank card, you are require to give your passport, this bank card is then registered to your passport number. If these do not match the process will fail.
Step 11:
You are finished. If all your details match and there are no further issues, then your payment will be accepted and you have purchased something from Taobao. 

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