Buying Good Bread


Buy good tasty bread in China can be a mission impossible. With many bakeries using a lot of sugar on their bread, to make it taste more like cake, where we only want a good decent sandwich or piece of toast.

Below we have include a list of bakeries for you to visit and try, of course they don’t only make bread, but do have a great selection of cakes, and tasty pastries and other freshly baked goods.

Cafe+85+(1) Cafe+85+(2)
 Cafe+85+(5) Cafe+85+(3)
Address Telephone
南开区东马路138号新世界百货1楼 -First floor new world department store, NO.138 Dong Ma Lu, NanKai District 27336030
南开区鞍山西道259号时代数码广场底商Tianjin Digital Times Square Ground Floor Store, No.259 An Shan Xi Dao, NanKai District 58625578
南开区白堤路185号 NO. 185 Bai Di Road, NanKai District 27370301
红桥区芥园道6号水游城购物中心Aqua City, No.6 JieYuan Road, Hong Qiao District 58301959
和平区鞍山道111号增1号NO.1 NO.111, An Shan Road, HePing District 27837570
河西区琼州道同善里1-6栋101-108室ROOM 101-108, 1-6 Tong Shan Li, Qiong Zhou Road, HeXi District 83815760

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