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He+Ping+Lou+(1)He Ping Lou is one of the main high street that runs through Tianjin, and connects to the ever so busy Bin Jang Dao main shopping street. He Ping Lou stretches all the way from Italian Style Town to Central Park.

Today (at time of writing) He Ping Lou is more like a construction site, with the middle of the high street being revamped and developed to make way for another Tianjin Mega Mall, and with more and more branded stores leaving the high-street, and relocating to newer shopping malls such as the Galaxy and Joy City Malls, this once busy and very active street with too many shops to count has become a little lonely.

He+Ping+Lou+(4)This is not to say the street doesn’t see much traffic, as the weekends still bring out the locals who like to look around and go shopping. The beginning of the street, which start at Wall Mart or Wanda Cinema Complex still has all the original shops, supermarkets, Paris Bakery, Arcade and Cinema.

Some of the shopping malls here are currently going through a complete renovation, and you may see many shopping either missing or closed.

Currently we don’t know when the renovation will be over, we tried to find out from some of the malls, but they were unable to gives us any details.

How to get there?

Taxi: Tell the taxi drive to go to ‘he ping lu

He+Ping+Lou+(5)Stores such as Nick and Adidas are still there, but again these store looked bare as if they were waiting to either move into the currently being built shopping mall, or waiting for the mall to complete their renovations.

With the Wanda Complex going through a complete revamp, and the food court now closed, this mall doesn’t have a lot to offer their customers. However with the Cinema still running and still have VIP Suites (Single Cinema Reclining Chairs) it’s still a great place to go for a movie, and due to the vast amount of Cinema’s opening, sometimes it as if you’re the only one wanting to watch a movie (Great)!!!
He+Ping+Lou+(6)We will keep updating this post, to the current change of this shopping street, and with the opening of the new shopping mall and more coming early next year, I’m sure this street will return to its former glory.

If you’re looking for the essentials, supermarket (Wall Mart), kids clothing and shoes, the post office and some some branded clothing then He Ping Lou is a great place to pop down to during the week. The street is kept nice and clean, and all’n’all is a nice day out. Don’t forget keep walking down to the end and relax in Central Park

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For the Kids?

If you’re looking for something for the kids, to keep them happy and occupied then pop into the Arcade. With more computer games, arcade and theme park type games, there is plenty going on inside to keep them busy for hours. Not only is it good for the kids, but dad can pick up a few gun lessons on the zombie shooters.

 Most shops and malls running along He Ping Lou have many daily sales, so this period could bring you a lot of savings.
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