Joseph and Montrose of JE Delivery

Joseph and Montrose provide weekly free delivery service of food and wine in Tianjin. If you place your order by Tuesday, they will deliver it on Friday.  They also deliver fresh vegetables and reasonably priced wine to Tianjin Expats. They have been delivering these goods since 2013.
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They work with  YY beer House to deliver curry pastes. (Perhaps someday we can persuade them to include YY Beer Main dishes to be delivered as well) They also deliver Chef Jeff’s pies along with St. Regis butcher block meat. This is premium quality meat at premium prices. They currently deliver to several locations, such as IST, Wellington, Original County, and Garden Villa. If there are enough people at your location, I am sure they would add your location to their delivery routes.
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They are always open to advice so that they can better serve us.
Online store:
If you have any problems with their website, you can email them for an excel spreadsheet.

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