Nóng Fū Mǎ Tè Korean Market


This Korean market is right near our home in Mei Jiang and is home to fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, ice. Also, this Korean shop has good bread that is not sweet like the Chinese kind as well as a meat shop in the back. The fruits and vegetables will either come packaged, or you can pick them out yourself.

The products and groceries in this shop are a bit more expensive than the Chinese shops down the road, but they are very good quality and worth it. They carry Korean imported items like cereal, drinks, canned goods, etc. This store is extremely popular in the Au Cheng area and now this is the second location.

This Korean shop has a smaller shop inside which sells small dishes such as Kimbab and instant noodles, as well as a Chinese restaurant. My family and I went there once and I got a package of Kimbab, which came with 12 for ¥10, and my other family members got rice, chicken, and a vegetable dish for a reasonable price.



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