Saibo Tianjin


Tianjin’s Technology and PC supermarket.

Saibo+(2)Saibo is a great place for anyone into PC’s, Gaming or Technology. Saibo offers everything from PC and gadget repairs to digital, storage and media devices.

You will find every brand of computer here, and any type of computer you’re looking for. That’s not all pop up stairs and create your own PC by giving them your spec’s, and see what prices they come up with.

A great thing to do would be to have a list of what you are wanting ready, with any translated words that you think maybe needed, however most computer geeks there do understand things such as Ghz, Intel, AMD, Brands and Manufactures etc so don’t worry too much.

Saibo+(4)If you are looking for something to do with technology then this is definitely the place you should visit, and not only that just 3 minutes down the road is it bigger brother (Bai Nao Hui), which has 6 floors of computers, gadgets, cameras, laptops and anything else you can call technology. So for those of you looking to satisfy your technological need, checks out these two supper stores.

Where is it?


How to get there?

How to get there by Taxi:Can you plz take me to sai bo , thank you  /  麻烦请送我到赛博,谢谢

Useful Phrases

I’m just looking, thank you.

我随便看看,谢谢你   Wo Jiu Kan Kan, Xie Xie

How much is this?

这个多少钱  Zhe Ge Duo Shao Qian

Do you have ____________?

你有——————吗??  Ni you __  ma ??


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