Tǐ Běi Cài Shì Chǎng (Food Market) 体北菜市场


This local market boasts every single produce item that you could ever need or want. As this is a local place, it is an optimal place for those who would like to interact with and speak Chinese with the locals.

From muscadines to dragonfruit, from tofu to duck, this market is almost a one-stop shop. There are two adjoining sections, while one section has primarily vegetables, the other side has mainly fruit. The veggie side has vendors with stalls selling meat and tofu, while the fruit section has people selling dried beans, noodles, grains, processed foods, and fresh eggs along the perimeter.

After a few times, some of them started to recognize my family and I and threw in extra things for us free of charge due to the volume we buy. One time we even forgot to get our change back, and the vendor ran after us and returned it to us, which helped us feel as if we were being treated fairly and not being given the “foreigner prices”.

We have not purchased meat at this market before, but many of the locals can be seeing purchasing sausages, pork, beef, chicken, and who knows what else from the many vendors. Also available are some typical Chinese dishes, and bing (Chinese version of Pita bread), alongside the wall of the vegetable area. The bing is made fresh and is quite good.

In the vegetable section there is also a live seafood section, home (for now!) to many clams, fish, shrimp, and other little shelled creatures. Our family is not too keen on preparing or eating seafood, so I am not quite sure how comparable prices are, although given the produce prices, I would assume them to be quite reasonable.

Not too far from the live seafood section is a little pet store that sells mainly fish and accessories, but also sells turtles, frogs, and birds. You can purchase aquariums, plants, and different fish food formulas at this place also. Although we have not bought fish at this place, prices seem quite reasonable. My daughter purchases her goldfish food there, and it is 5¥ for a medium sized bag of goldfish bag that will last about six months or more.

If you choose to go, I would recommend bringing some smaller change, and some grocery bags or a rolling cart if you are planning on buying more than you think you can carry alone.

Ti Bei Vegetable Market Sea Food 2

Ti Bei Fruit Market Fresh Noodles


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Ti Bei Fruit Market Fresh Noodles

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Ti Bei Vegetable Market Sea Food 2




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