Yī Hào Diàn Online Shopping 一号店


Yī Hào Diàn is an online shop that is similar to Taobao in which you can buy anything from groceries to clothing to different kinds of sports equipment.

However, it differs from Taobao because you can pay the delivery person when they deliver the goods you can inspect the goods first and then decide if you want to pay. Also, you can decide when they come based on your schedule and whether you are home or not.

We particularly like purchasing our pre-prepared groceries from Yī Hào Diàn because they deliver the products to our home. With a family of 7, it is much more convenient to order cases of milk, orange juice, soda, toilet paper, etc and have it deliver to our door. No more biking with bags and bags of groceries along with a backpack. Yay!

Yī Hào Diàn has a warehouse in Tianjin so the delivery is quite fast, usually next day. You can order from the warehouse or you can order from other vendors. These vendors sell some health products as well as certain imported food. However, because these vendors are outside of Yī Hào Diàn, then the delivery will come separate even though you purchase all the items at the same time, thus resulting in an extra delivery charge. This system is similar to the Amazon service in the US, in which there are vendors outside of Amazon that sell their products from inside Amazon.







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