Tianjin Ying Hua Business Car Rental


Tianjin Ying Hua Business Car Rental 


Owned by Great Wall Yinghua Investment Group, Tianjin Yinghua Business Car Rental Co. Ltd has held to the business ethic of faithful, efficient and professional service and is committed to the modern transportation industry.

Now there are more than 1000 brand-new business vehicles, including BMW, AUDI, VOLVO, Passat, BUICK business class, HONDA, MAZDA, etc. The business range include short or long trip car driving or rental service, P2P and airport shuttle service.

  • Phone: +(8622)58862377

    Address: Rm. 607,Jinyu Building, Hei Niu Cheng Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

    Fax: 8622-58862577
    Email: tjyh@ucfgroup.com


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